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Electrical Wiring for Heating and Cooling Systems in Fort Smith, AR

Heating and cooling systems are must-have equipment for any property. However, before an HVAC system can be installed, the right wiring needs to be in place. Count on the licensed electricians at Duboise Electric to handle it all for you. We install electrical wiring for heating and cooling systems in Fort Smith, AR, and beyond for residential and commercial clients. Whether you are replacing aged wiring, adding a room to your property, or working on a new construction project, we’re the team to call.

Our team installs everything your new HVAC systems need, including electrical outlets and receptacles. With our extensive experience and resources, you can trust our technicians to handle jobs of any size quickly and safely. Get an estimate for your property’s HVAC wiring needs or learn more about our general electric repairs by contacting us today. Electrical Wiring for Heating and Cooling Systems | Fort Smith, AR

Do You Need New Electrical Wiring?

Your property’s wiring is mostly out of sight and out of mind, so it’s easy to forget that it gets old and worn out too. The following are some indications that you may need new electrical wiring for heating and cooling systems, as well as the rest of your building:

The Wiring Is Over 40 Years Old: Old wiring can lose its insulation or become damaged from rodent damage, resulting in dangerous safety issues.

Your Outlets Aren’t Grounded: Does your property still have two-pronged outlets? If so, it is overdue for an update because two-pronged outlets aren’t grounded and thus present serious safety risks.

The Circuits Trip Often: If you find yourself having to reset your circuit breakers often, it likely means your system is unable to keep up with the electrical demands of your appliances.