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Dependable Electrical Outlets Installer in Fort Smith, AR

When you need to install a new outlet or upgrade an existing one, talk to the team at Duboise Electric. We’re the premier electrical outlets installer in Fort Smith, AR, putting in outlets for a wide variety of needs. Contact our licensed electricians today to learn more about our services for electrical outlets and receptacles; free estimates and consultations are available.

Electrical Outlets Installer | Fort Smith, AR - Duboise Electric

Signs That You Need to Update Your System

Older outlets often struggle to keep up with the demands of modern appliances. If you’re uncertain when your outlets were installed, you should update as soon as possible to get the best experience and ensure your safety. The following are some more signs that you need to call an outlet and electrical receptacles installer:

The Outlet Doesn’t Work: If the other outlets in the room work and the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped, it means that the outlet is dead.

The Faceplate Has Burn Marks or Has Melted: Dark discoloration and melting are big red flags—they mean the outlet has been short-circuiting and sparking and shouldn’t be used anymore.

Plugs Fall Out Easily: While this may seem more like a nuisance than a real problem, it is an indication of substantial wear and tear.

Your Outlets Aren’t Grounded: If your outlet only has two prongs, it means it is an older design from before protective grounding became standard.

For your safety, it’s best to hire a qualified electrical contractor to install new outlets. Contact us to schedule a visit from our skilled crew.